Keep Your Loved Ones Safe This Summer


As the country moves towards opening up again, and the summer season where we are normally active and socializing begins, it’s important to be able to manage the risks and keep your families safe. We all are asking ourselves: which activities are safest to resume? The experts have weighed in, and here’s some general guidelines. There are five factors to keep in mind. Is the activity indoors, where the air is more stagnant and infection is easier to spread, or outdoors? How close are you forced to be with others? How long a period of time are you within close quarters [...]

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Self-Care in Times of Quarantine


Though it is a stressful time for everyone, it’s important to remember there are still ways we can take care of ourselves emotionally, even when there is so much chaos and uncertainty around us. One way of doing a quick de-stress is a short meditative relaxation technique. Take a deep breath in, imagining your breath reaching all the way down to your belly button when you inhale. Exhale and relax your neck and shoulders, allowing your shoulders to drop gently. Relax your jaw, forehead, and between your brows. Relax your knees slightly and press your feet into the ground, paying attention [...]

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